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My guarantee to you, you will get MORE service and make MORE money on the sale of your home when you hire Realtor Robin Burgarella to handle your home sale for you.

1805 Sixty Oaks, Vero Beach

1834 25th Ave, Vero Beach, 25 showings & 6 offers in just 2 days!

318 Faith Terrace, Sebastian, sold in just 1 day for the full asking price!

590 Cross Creek Circle – Listed and under

470 45th

520 Concha, Sebastian, Florida

774 Tulip, Sebastian, Florida

5035 Saint Josephs Island Ln, Grand Harb

A picture truly is worth a thousand words! Fantastic photos will bring buyers to the door and help to form and secure that emotional connection between buyer and home. Our Home Staging Services enables a buyer to visualize how their new life could look in your home. If we can capture their hearts, we’ll capture their best offers too!

All photos found on this page are of homes we have personally staged, using the clients own furniture and contents. We simply find the best use of every item and move things around until we locate the ideal positioning, taking into account how the room will appear in photographs. We remove clutter, collections and distracting items. We add decor, linens, curtains, fine art, rugs and more from our storage units. If your home is completely vacant, we also offer a virtual staging solution as found in the photo below.